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Wine pairings for the Indian palate

Wine pairings for the Indian palate

Labeling it as a drink for the classy and ones with discerning tastes is one fact wine aficionados love to embrace, but restricting it to just the astute section of the drinkers is a myth every wine lover would like to break.

While there are specific foods which go with specific drinks, owing to the variety in wines, there are a range of foods which you can pair with it—from Burgers to Khao Suey

Also, after a heady mixture of food and wine which gave us a weekend to remember without touching any other form of alcohol, people like us who attended SulaFest 2015 in Sula Vineyards, Nashik would definitely advocate the ‘fun’ quotient of wine.

Sovna Puri- Head-Tastings & Training & General Manager-Sales & Marketing, Sula Wines, takes 5 Sula wines and pairs each with 5 widely loved cuisines which vouch for the fact that wine is a drink for everyone!

Riesling- Indian and Chinese

Another white from Sula’s aromatic wines, Riesling can be paired with a range of foods ranging from Indian to Thai to Chinese. Paired perfectly with

biryanis and BBQ dishes, 

the Riesling’s perfect balance of sugar and acidity pairs it completely with a range of cuisines.  

Can be paired with food from

Punjab Grill, China Bistro, Haoochi, Mumbai

Berco’s, Ego Thai, Raas, Delhi

Seco Rosé- Burgers and Sliders

Out of all the wines we tasted, this is my favourite and one of the most reasonable offerings from the Sula umbrella. Extremely light on the palate, and fruity flavoured, this wine works best with burgers and sliders

Can be paired with food from

Fork You, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Woodside Inn, Sundance Café, Hard Rock Café, Burger King, Mumbai

Sauvignon Blanc / Dindori Reserve Shiraz- French Cuisine

A Sula signature, this wine works best with French food with an Indian twist 

Can be paired with food from

Soleil by La Plage (Nashik)

Le Cirque, The Leela (Mumbai and Delhi)

Le Bistro du Parc, New Delhi

Brut / Rasa- Italian, European

Flavored perfectly with the sliders, this wine also goes well with the modern European and egg varieties

Can be paired with food from

Cafe Zoe, Salt Water Café, The Good Wife, Indigo (Mumbai)

Tres, Cherie, Smoke House Deli  (Delhi)

Chenin Blanc Reserve- Asian

A light and refreshing wine,

this fruity flavourful wine works best to balance out the spicy flavours of Southeast Asian dishes like

Khao Suey 

Can also be paired with food from

Burma Burma, Busago, Trikaya (Mumbai)

Mamagoto, Asia Seven (Delhi)

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